We’re a local environmental and reclamation business with experience, history, and forward thinking. Based in Moberly Lake, BC and operating within Saulteau First Nations’  Traditional Treaty 8 Territory, Aski Reclamation LP (Aski) offers a unique business model integrating ecological and First Nations’ knowledge with industry’s demands and best practices.

As a locally based company, we are committed to seeing the recovery of our local land base and treaty rights, while developing sustainable solutions with industrial partners that supports the local economy. We treat each client as a partner—developing collective goals while engaging with both traditional and scientific approaches.

We’re building long-term relationships and long term plans with oil and gas, mining, utility companies, forestry, and the construction industry so we can ensure that restoration and reclamation continues—and continues to improve.

Why Us?

The overall vision for Aski Reclamation is to reflect the values of Saulteau First Nations in the work we do. Truly effective reclamation and restoration bring the land full circle back to an end product that supports the ongoing use an engagement of both First Nations and local communities for generations to come. When a site is restored, there’s a collective pride that we share along with a strong sense that what we’re doing matters right now and for the future. We’re passionate about sharing this experience with our friends, our family and our business partners.