Reclamation Management and Planning

Our experienced and passionate team works with industries to plan and manage reclamation projects. We take into account local features, environmental regulations, timelines, cost-effectiveness, and long-term success, but our overall approach is what’s best for the land and the Saulteau First Nation.

We also work closely with other First Nations, assisting them in building their own internal capacity for reclamation services. We don’t ever want to be the only group providing this service. The most important goal is effective reclamation across our provinces and territories.

Seed and Plug Sales

Thanks to our successful seed collection program, we are able to sell seeds to other nurseries and First Nations.

In partnership with Twin Sisters Nursery, we also offer nursery-grown plugs for sale.

Seed Collection

Saulteau First Nations members and the Twin Sisters Nursery have hand-collected over 13 million seeds in the past two years! These seeds include 36 different species of native plants that are genetically suitable for growing in this area.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide baseline assessments, long-term environmental impact surveys and water quality monitoring.

Revegetation & Revegetation Monitoring

Revegetation—the process of replanting and rebuilding soil after it’s been disrupted—is only part of the story. It’s crucial to monitor sites for invasive species, uptake of interventions, and return of native plants and animals. We look for how well the procedure is working using representative and random samples.

We generally follow one of two steps for revegetation:

  1. Native plant salvage. Plants like willows and balsam can have branches cut and replanted that will grow into new plants. This is cost-effective, and good for filling in gaps.
  2. Plug Planting. Using plugs grown at Twin Sister’s Nursery, our team proceeds with planting these plugs using custom designs that factor in the landscape, plant needs, and seasons.


This is a particularly exciting area for ASKI Reclamation. We evaluate reclamation sites to determine whether the sites are returning to natural uses.

Manual Weed Management & Biomatting

We work with our clients on preventative weed measures first before moving towards more intensive measures of herbicide treatment. Our services include manual weed removal, mechanical weed management such as brushing and mowing, and upfront planning of a reclamation site to create canopy closure as soon as possible for natural competition.