Our Team

Alycia Aird

General Manager

Domenico Santomauro

Senior Environmental Project Manager​

Mark Hendricks

Reclamation Project Manager

Stacy Hammond

Restoration Project Manager

Brittany MacTavish

Finance Administration

Although Alycia is officially our general manager, we can always count on her to show up wherever the team needs assistance and she’s pretty great with tech support, especially with the biology components of our projects.

In addition to her role at ASKI Reclamation, Alycia is on the advisory committee for the BC Oil and Gas Commission on ecologically suitable species.

Anyone who knows Alycia will talk about her passion for the Saulteau First Nations. As a member, she feels the importance of looking at the bigger picture of serving the community. Through ASKI, she works at bringing tangible areas within our nation back into their intended service as part of our natural world.

Alycia’s commitment to overlaying traditional ways of knowledge with cutting-edge scientific research is helping to bridge the gap between the two. It’s standard practice for her to take a company’s list of plant suggestions for a site and look to traditional knowledge to understand and apply the meaning and value of how these plants were once used. The success of this approach is evident on every project.

Jason’s background as a sociology major set him up to always look for meaningful connections. Now, he uses his expertise in data collection, creating community growth, coordinating band members, and, of course, meaningful connections in his role as Project Coordinator with Aski. He’s invaluable in accessing the most that the reclamation industry has to offer in Northeast British Columbia to create local economic opportunities.

Jason really brings ‘heart’ to Aski. He consistently reminds us of why we do what we do, and keeps us focused on what really matters. His passion for the Saulteau First Nations, and being a voice for all First Nations makes us proud of who we are, while recognizing those who have come before us, and those in the future who will benefit from what we’re doing both in reclamation and in our economy.

People enjoy working with Jason because he puts such a focus on a positive work environment. He’s always encouraging upward mobility for members so they can be productive and proud of their accomplishments.

He believes that the OGC’s (Oil and Gas Commission’s) education opportunities provide the chance to apply the First Nation’s saying of “7 Generations”. By reclaiming orphaned and abandoned oil sites, we are part of that teaching by healing the land that we borrow from future generations.

At work, Jason’s perfect day is when everything aligns with people’s schedules or accommodations and new hires are able to get to where they need to be. On a day off, he loves taking his small family for a drive to a trail in the forest so they can enjoy nature together. And of course, whether at home or at work, he loves seeing everyone around him feeling happy.

In the future, Jason’s looking forward to growing his expertise in the reclamation industry as he continues to supervise, assist in site assessments, and create training programs. He’s also passionate about giving back to people in Treaty 8 territory, and giving back to the land and animals by being a catalyst for change.

Within the Aski family, Jason works with quite a few women—but he’s the only one who wears a braid all the time! We’re so fortunate to have Jason, his braid, his big heart, and his expertise as part of our team.

Patrick BeauprePatrick has all the educational qualifications for his role as Project Biologist with ASKI. He has an honours Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology, a Bachelor of Education, and he’s currently a graduate student working towards his Master of Science in Freshwater Ecology.

But we’re pleased that he’s also got some impressive hands-on experience: he’s a seven-season tree planter and an avid outdoor enthusiast!

In addition to loving his new ‘office’ (the beautiful Peace region), Patrick thrives on the variety, opportunities, and new challenges he faces every day in his work with ASKI. He believes having a growth mindset presents the greatest opportunity in the field of reclamation. Instead of asking, “Can this ecosystem be fixed?” we’re asking “How will we fix this ecosystem?”

Regardless of the challenge a project presents, Patrick’s focus is always on effort, investiture, and ultimately bringing the land as close as possible back to its natural designation. He’s looking forward to seeing more diversification in ASKI’s portfolio of projects—a continuation of what’s already been started, to which he credits ASKI’s leadership. And he’s seeking continued opportunities to break into new territory in terms of the biological and environmental sciences.

Patrick’s got a bit of a global background. He has a legal Chinese name in Taiwan, where he was married and his first son was born!

An ideal day off for Patrick could include camping, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, fishing, reading, playing tabletop board games and roleplaying games, spending time with family, and reading. Thanks to his interests, fantastic qualifications, and experience, we know that he’s a perfect addition to the ASKI family!

Living and working in the North has had a powerful impact on this self-described former city girl! Haylee was working as a health and safety professional when her search for a more challenging position brought her up to ASKI Reclamation. Now, she loves being part of an organization that is focused on using the land and its resources safely, and then returning the land to its natural state.

Haylee loves waking up early, doing yoga before the sun is up, and then watching the sun rise. When she’s not at ASKI, you’ll find her hiking with her dog and exploring everywhere she can. This passion for nature is reflected strongly in her work, where she’s constantly learning more about plants and trees, and how to support all of ASKI’s needs while using a minimum of resources.
We’re grateful to Haylee for creating a strong and mindful safety culture within our company, and for how she offers support to all of our workers on many different levels from safety compliance to simply offering a listening ear. In addition to diligently working to keep our team safe, Haylee is also focused on expanding her skills in Human Resources and Project Management.

One of our favorite stories is how Haylee thought Alycia was way older than she is when they first met. Haylee claims it’s because Alycia is so well-spoken, responsible, and driven. Regardless (or maybe because of that first impression), they enjoy working together and contributing to the ASKI team both on-site, and on the off days. Haylee is an important, positive contributor to the ASKI team.

With over 10 years of experience in various industries, Lana brings a broad range of skills and ideas to her position as a Financial Accountant at ASKI. She’s worked on everything from start-up companies to large year-end corporate tax projects.

Lana enjoys the flexibility ASKI offers in the workplace, as well as the team she interacts with every day. She looks forward to AKSI growing into an innovative, competitive leader both in the immediate Saulteau First Nations area and further afield. She’s excited to grow alongside ASKI, and become an expert in the industry so she can create new processes for better efficiency.

It’s evident to all of us at ASKI that having the strong financial tracking and guidance Lana brings is an important part of our success. We cannot just be excellent at reclamation and restoration; we must be excellent in the business of reclamation and restoration. Lana is an important part of this excellence.

Within the ASKI team, Lana is the innovative one. She’s always thinking outside the box and thinking ahead. Her ideas have saved the company substantial time and money. She’s resourceful in ensuring we find the most efficient way to do each of our roles with good management and fewer errors.

Lana demonstrates great integrity in what she does—not just at ASKI, but for all the Mistahiya businesses and what they can become. She’s both a visionary and the one to get things done right now. We always appreciate her valuable feedback, and how open she is to listen to everyone.

Like many of our team, Lana loves spending her free time outside with family and friends. And, as we continue to bring areas in our jurisdiction back to their natural function and beauty, Lana will have many more areas to enjoy and explore!